Monday, February 19, 2007


CamMan Technology Debuts in Political Forum

Charleston, SC- netSCOPE, inc. will webcast live "A Tribute to Congressman Jim Clyburn," from the International Longshoremen's Association meeting hall located at 1142 Morrison Drive, Charleston , SC. The event is being held to honor Congressman Clyburn for his community service and to congratulate him on being named House Majority Whip.

netSCOPE, Inc. will produce the webcast utilizing its recently developed CamMan webcasting technology. CamMan is a mobile webcasting system, worn by an individual, that transmits live, streaming video and sound from a personal perspective. CamMan viewers experience a first-person reality event as the camera transmits everything the wearer says, hears and sees - in real-time - to any website.

The webcast can be seen at,

The webcast will cover remarks made by Hillary Clinton. Charleston will be Monday's third SC presidential campaign stop for the New York senator. Her remarks are expected to be delivered at about 6:40 p.m.

For more information about the webcast and on netSCOPE services, contact Jeff Dodge at 843.971.3040

ABOUT netSCOPE, inc.
netSCOPE, inc. is a professional, webcamera production company based in Charleston, South Carolina. The company has remained at the vanguard of webcamera technologies, since 1998. Products include, MEDUSA, a multiple webcamera technology that webcasts images from up to 24 cameras, per PC. In addition, netSCOPE offers a browser based, remote controlled pan, tilt, zoom webcamera product and PDAir, the first-ever application written to webcast images using wireless network cameras, a PDA and 3G wireless data service. CamMan, mobile webcasting transmits streaming video and sound from a personal perspective. netSCOPE provides webcasting services to, Turner Sports, Toshiba, SPAWAR and Nextel, among others.

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